Donate and help keeping the server running!

Donations are completely optional but they help us keeping paying for the server infrastructure.

The quality of the service we provide is a direct result of the players appreciation as donations also allow us to focus on updates.

Donations are a gift and not refundable. Asking for refunds will result in termination of your account.


Donation Coins

10.00 Reais via Bank Transfer

3.00 Euros via Paypal


Donation Coins

40.00 Reais via Bank Transfer

10.00 Euros via Paypal


Donation Coins

70.00 Reais via Bank Transfer

16.00 Euros via Paypal


Donation Coins

130.00 Reais via Bank Transfer

30.00 Euros via Paypal


Donation Coins

250.00 Reais via Bank Transfer

55.00 Euros via Paypal

After completing a donation please send an email to .

The email must be sent from the email that the account was registered and must contain the following informations:

  • Name of the character in which you wish to receive rewards
  • Method of Payment (Paypal or Bank Transfer)
  • Ammount that you have donnated

After receiving the email and payment confirmation the GMs have 24 hours to send your reward.

We have plans for automating the donation process if its done often and without abuse attempts.