Server rules

We accept the game as the players want to play it.

The rules are meant to maximize everyones entertainment and following them will improve the community.

Macro usage

Using Ditto Macro is allowed, but people destroying your party while afk is not gonna be handled by GMs.

Using other tools is also allowed as long as it does not change the game behavior like changing cooldowns or going under or overground.

Everyone in this server has equal oportunity, if you think someone is taking advantage of macros, you can always learn how to do the same.

Remember that macro is macro, a simple healing script is using macro just as much as luring and attacking.

Hack and bug abuse

Using hacks will cause your account to be permanently blocked, as well as other accounts that take benefit from it. Abusing bugs will cause temporary block and any advantage you got will be removed from your account.

Being in party with someone abusing bugs and failing to report it will result in punishment.

Trading for external currencies

You are allowed to exchange or sell anything from this server for external currencies, however GMs will not help if you get scammed.

Conflict resolution

In case of conflict both party have 3 days to reach a consensus otherwise GMs will be allowed to choose an equal punishment for both parts.

GMs may choose to block players that are destroying parties for no reason

Scammed items

GMs will not help if you get scammed.

Ilegal positioning

Being caught in an area that is not allowed for the character level will cause permanent block.