Server Features

KalOnline Ditto Macro

Ditto Macro built into the launcher

We understand that KalOnline survived all these years as a grinding game because of macros. Howerver we also understand that its not fair to use macros when not everyone has access to it.

The client launcher includes a built in renewed Ditto Macro with better performance than the leaked ones that runs even on older computers.

The launcher is open source and is available as aGitHub Repository, the community can help improving it!

KalOnline Pet Collection System

Pet Collection

Every pet picks and uses medicines automatically.

2x pets in your inventory gives 5% experience bonus.

4x pets in your inventory gives 10% experience bonus.

Each pet lasts 30 days. Timer starts in the moment of purchase.

You can't have two of the same pet type in your inventory.

KalOnline Assassin's Arena

Assassin's Arena

The arena is always open for challengers, type /mask in city and you will be teleported to the arena.

If you interact in any way with an assassin in the arena you will be teleported to the arena as an assassin.

You can only leave the arena if you are the last survivor or if you are dead!

KalOnline Shopping Reward

Shopping Experience

You can help any character in any computer or IP by opening a shopping with the title starting with the character's name.

For each shopping the character receives a 4% experience bonus up to 20%.

You can put up to 3 names in each shopping.

KalOnline Craft and Pimp

Pimp System

Items are not dropable, instead you drop their souls. Every item has a corruption status, and every soul removes 10 corruption of their respective grades. Once an item reaches 0 corruption it goes up a grade or becomes imperial.

Above grade 60 purification requires previous pimp on base armor, your effort pimping lower grades will not be wasted.

You can exchange essences you drop from most monsters for jewels, and with jewels you can buy talismans for pimping. Endurance never goes down, neighter does your pimping grade.

KalOnline Honor Reward

Honor of Sky

Int like honor ranking with limited positions per patent. Ranking is updated an hour after each PVP.

Your patent gives you a damage bonus on PVP and PVE called "Honor of Sky".

Mystery skills are bought with PVP reward points. The cost raises for each grade.

KalOnline Assassins Party

Assassin's Party

Assassins can make parties to avoid friendly fire.

As long as both players are in the same party and both are in assassin mode you wont hit each other.

However if you try to play cowardly protecting an assassin without wearing a mask, the assassin still hits you.

KalOnline Leveling

Adaptive Experience

Every 5 levels experience you gain from monsters adapts to your level so you can stay longer in the same area and party with your lower level friends.

In highter areas daylies will unlock experience multiplier for certain levels.

Custom Castle War

Any guild leader from the alliance can claim the flag, the first alliance to reach a 1000 points wins the castle.

Everytime an alliance gets 200 points everyone is teleported back into its respective guild spawn position and have to chase the flag again.

You must kill the leader claiming the flag, or force him to move in order to start claiming.

Battle Royale PVP Mode

There is a scoreboard with the ammount of allies and enemies alive.

There is a solo player and a party mode, in both cases you get teleported to the arena, and the last survivors win.

A counter with 3 minutes will appear, and once it reaches zero your squad is disqualified, inflicting damage to your enemies will reset the counter.

Custom Battlefield

Small map with 2 team that are always gonna be balanced by the number of players online that registered and their levels.

Every kill gives your team a point, first team to reach 500 points or the team with most points in 30 minutes win.

Dead players spawn fast and you cannot hit enemies in their respawns.

Advanced Boss Mechanics

Bosses have custom A.I and increassed dificulty level according to the number of players attacking it.

Bosses will spawn minions that if ignored will start healing the boss.

Bosses drop jewels and purified elements which can be used to upgrade accessories.

Real Shiny Party

Int like shiny parties with remote and renewable LA.

Up to 5 Shiny Monster can be summoned with a scroll, the monsters only take damage from the caster.

You can take advantage of the fact that you wont make aggro on the shiny monster and mix the party with normal attackers and use main ascetics of any level.

Custom Protection

Machine learning based protection is being tested on this server, so far its able to detect a good part of the hacks.

It blocks you when its 100% sure and expells you and issues the GMs a warning when its in doubt.

Skills Rework

Skills were rewritten from scratch for balancing reasons.

Some effects to skills were added like Call of Recovery for instance spreads healing to the party when the general is healed.

Fair admins that know the game

The server admins are old Global kalonline players from the top 100 that were unsatisfied with the lack of support and the pay to win aspects.

Admins will not "help out friends" and will always be fair and try to improve the etertainment for everyone.

The team has a background from the real life jobs in both codeing and game design, updates will be released slowly based on server statists so everyone can be up to date.

Even major updates like adding new classes will not require database reset, therefore the server will run in the long term as long as there are players in it.

The server is not and will never be pay to win, this started as a side project rooted in nostalgia and is intended to be a love letter to kalonline and not a cash grab. Experience stones are in the donation shopping for game design reasons, if everyone has a bonus its simply not a real bonus.